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About Us

Having started as a General Contractor working on custom homes since 1979, Don Wheeler quickly became aware of the superiority of light gauge steel over wood in residential framing applications. By 2006, Don had stopped working as a General Contractor altogether, and had focused his efforts exclusively on Cold Formed Steel (CFS) framing.  

We combine proven steel construction methods with our 25+ years of experience in the industry to provide a cost-effective steel alternative to traditional lumber construction.

Design flexibility is paramount in today’s custom driven market. Our steel frame can handle any shape, and our fabrication approach brings you all the benefits of prefab technology without compromise.

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Wheeler Steel Framing System, a unique approach to design, offsite fabrication and easy to assemble building system that delivers superior buildings at reasonable cost and better control of schedule.

We specialize in custom homes, Assisted leaving facilities,  multi-family residential projects and commercial buildings.

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