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Have something in mind, but need to work out the details? WSFS can help you determine how steel framing is right for your project.


Already have a design? Let us fabricate the steel you need to turn your vision into reality. WSFS will identifying the material and cut it to length in a controlled production environment, where labor is more efficient and less costly.  Our design will get your project ready with studs, tracks, floor joists, and trusses for assembly.



We work with you and your Architect and Structural Engineer during the design phase to provide you the most design flexibility for your home or commercial project. Once engineering is complete, we utilize our proprietary BIM program to create a 3D model of your home.  



Framing Process

Our process begins with incorporating the architectural, structural drawings and the 3D model to create shop drawings for shop and field assembly. These include elevations of walls, floor layout, roof layout, post locations, beams, etc. Our inhouse take off team then create a detailed material list with shop notes and specific field notes. Most of the material ordered is to length and quantified to the wall dimension, thus helping with efficiency and minimize waste. Our technical team at WSFS will support the installation crew throughout the framing of your home or commercial facility.

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Our state-of-the-art warehouse then starts the fabrication of the material based on the shop notes and drawings. All posts, beams, headers are premade in our warehouse. The framing members, studs, tracks, posts, cripples etc. are cut labelled and packaged per wall and ready to be shipped. Prior to delivery we meet with the installation team to review the installation drawings and material list to see if there are any questions or concerns.

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Material is delivered to the site in phases or all at once based on the job site condition. Our material comes in small bundles thus create an ease of unloading.

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