With more than 16 years of experience in the construction industry, we are looking to bring the advantages of steel construction to lumber-dominated construction at a reasonable cost. Our areas of expertise span all types of construction, both residential and industrial, so contact us today to see how we can be of service in your next project.


About Us

Having started as a General Contractor working on custom homes since 1979, Don Wheeler quickly became aware of the superiority of light gauge steel over wood in residential framing applications. By 2006, Don had stopped working as a General Contractor altogether, and had focused his efforts exclusively on Cold Formed Steel (CFS) framing. Over a decade later, Don founded Wheeler Steel Framing Supply with his cofounders, Ajesh Patel and Ajay Patel, with the goal of disrupting lumber-dominated construction by providing a superior alternative.


Cold Formed Steel (CFS)

The inherent properties of CFS make it a superior alternative to wood for structural, load bearing wall, floor, and roof systems. Its strength to weight ratio is second to none. Non-combustible, corrosion resistant (galvanized), and not subject to termites, rotting, splitting or mold issues, CFS adds sustainability and durability to the maintenance and lifespan of the structure. Unlike wood, steel will not shrink or creep, even when exposed to moisture or temperature changes. For wood, these conditions over time often lead to water intrusions, because of cracks in caulking, plaster, or siding.  Electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc., are easily facilitated in the CFS wall, floor, and roof assemblies. There is no off-gassing associated with CFS, even in a fire.

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Our Value Proposition

LEGO®-like Assembly. Zero Waste. Plain and Simple.

By designing and cutting our steel to spec, Wheeler Steel Framing Supply takes the guesswork out of steel construction. With clearly labelled components and intuitive construction plans, WSFS can help you stop worrying about whether or not you are using the right steel gauge, and instead focus on assembling the finished product. Scroll down to see the services we have to offer.


Our Services

At Wheeler Steel Framing Supply, we offer three main types of service. To schedule an appointment or to consult with a representative, please contact us today.



The Mental

Have something in mind, but need to work out the details? Wheeler Steel Framing Supply can help you determine whether steel framing is right for you. With enlightened engineering, it can be very competitive and in some cases, less expensive than wood framing.

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Between Mental and Physical

Already have a design? Let us fabricate the steel you need to turn your vision into reality. The Wheeler Steel Framing Supply method of identifying the material and cutting it to length in a controlled yard environment, where labor is more efficient and less costly, means that all you have to worry about is assembling the finished product.


The Physical

Whether you've been with us throughout the process or not, Wheeler Steel Framing Supply can supply the Cold Formed Steel to suit the needs of your design. From trusses to arches, WSFS is here to help.


4 Levels of Sales

We pay close attention to every step of the process here at Wheeler Steel Framing Supply — so you can rest assured that every aspect is carried out in a diligent and painstaking manner. We understand that our customers will be at varying stages in the construction process, and we have designed our sales strategy as such.

Level I

This stage is for clients who come to WSFS with their own material order list. We will order and process the material for you and deliver it directly to your project site. From here, the material is yours to do with as you will.

Level II

This stage is for clients who have completed architectural and structural plans. We will perform a cursory material take of the plans and supply the material to your project site. You will be expected to sort, identify, and cut the material in the field.

Level III

This stage is for clients who are looking for WSFS to provide a detailed take on each wall, floor, and roof assembly. WSFS will then deliver the fully-cut material to the job site.

Level IV

This stage is for clients who want everything mentioned in level III, along with the added benefit of identification for each and every framing member in conjunction with a set of assembly drawings.


Contact Us

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