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Innovative Cold-Formed Steel Framing Solution


Build Steel Strong - Build Modern - Build Faster - Build Smarter


With more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry, we are looking to bring the advantages of cold form steel framing system to your next project. Our areas of expertise span all types of construction, both residential and commercial. 


We will create customized solution for your project. 


What We Offer

Steel Stud Framing System

Value Engineering

Unlimited Design Flexibility

Custom Fabricated Kit

Fixed Cost Materials Package

Construction Consultation

Who we Serve


Home Owners

General Contractors



Framing Contractors

What we Build

Custom Homes

Fire Impacted Homes

Assisted Living Facilities

Multi-Family Residential Projects

Hospitality Projects

Commercial Buildings

Our Value Proposition

Ease of Assembly. Zero Waste. Plain and Simple.

By designing and cutting our steel to spec, WSFS takes the guesswork out of steel construction. With clearly labelled components and intuitive construction plans, WSFS can help you stop worrying about whether or not you are using the right steel gauge, and instead focus on assembling the finished product. 

Free Consultation


Benefit of Steel

Steel framed structures are stronger and lighter

Non- Combustible, Fire Safe

Insect proof, no termite

No off gassing and toxicity


Rust and mold resistance

Earthquake Safe

Recyclable material and energy efficient

Long Life

Why WSFS  Framing System?

Assembly is fast and require less time than conventional framing.

Lower labor cost.

Zero waste at construction site. Material is cut in controlled production environment at our facility.

Engineered to meet design. 

Unlimited design flexibility. Including TRadeready floor and roof system, open and closed stair system.

Higher quality materials builds higher quality structures. Increases value of your home.

Faster projects at competitive pricing.

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(714) 519-3651

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